Gorilla Room Escape

Gorilla Room Escape, parallelove sakura yapımı, point click tarzı bir başka değişik oda oyunu.

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Adsız said...

Gorilla Room Escape


A. Door View

behind the couch
over the cupboard

B. Dining table View

under the table
one of the chair
behind the brown cupboard

C. Rubbish Bin View

behind the bookshelf
under the table
in the rubbish bin
and again IN THE RUBBISH BIN (hit it)

D. Bed View

on the floor
behind the mirror
at the side of the bed mattress

put the numbers on the panel and complete the arithmatics...color? ignore it...

all the panel complete - open the door... normal end

want perfect end?
be patient
wait until you have finish reading the normal end
and you will see something...

and then you'll get the perfect end...

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