Andwelt - Scoop FX Room Escape

Andwelt - Scoop FX Room Escape, kaliteli grafikler içeren güzel bir oda oyunu. Yüklemesi biraz uzun sürebiliyor. Hapis olduğumuz odayı araştırıp, çıkmamız için gereken kodu-şifreyi çözmeye çalışıyoruz.

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Eda said...

Click to the right of the barrel and pick up the crow bar.
Turn around (left) and look in wastebasket. Paper in there has 2 numbers on it. This will be part of the code to escape room.
Go out into main room again and go to the pipe on the floor. Use the flashlight again and look closer at the pipes. Pick up the bolt from there.
Turn to your right and use the crow bar on the single box. This gives you a black key. Use this on the bottom draw of the fie cabinet. Get a file with another 2 numbers in it. These 2 numbers and the first two from the paper make up the code for the door.
Go to the electrical panel with the lights on it. Hit the gold botton at the bottom of it and it opens. Put the bolt in the top right corner. This unlocks the right side door of the cabinets that were locked.
Go to the right cabinet and get the blue key.
Use the blue key on the middle door and get a PDA. (I didnt see that the PDA does anything useful).
I went back over to the wall of cabinets and kept clicking around the last set of them.
They opened and gave me a key card.
Go to the door and put the key card onto the security system, then type in your 4 digit code. I just tried the first 2 numbers first and if that didnt work I tried those same numbers last.
You are out.

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