Escape M3106

Escape M3106, çin yapımı, siyah beyaz bir başka point click tarzı oda oyunu. Hapsolduğumuz ofisten dışarı çıkışın yollarını arıyoruz.

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Adsız said...

collect cup
turn right
under e-mail address there is alittle black line click it u get a chopstick
turn right twice
collect mat and at the left edge of screen somethin that looks like the edge of a frame click it you get a chopstick
turn right again collect book
turn right again click on cupboard and drawer get case??? and noodles
click chopstick click use and double click on thee other chopstick
go back to water tank
clik on cup and then double click on rolled up thing
double clik on noodles
select cup and clik the left tap double clik on book
clik on arrows a couple of times book dissapears double click on noodles they dissapear

Crymoon said...
After eating the noodles (or getting the number on the screen the box opened i got a bloody 3. So combining the both 6s and 64 and 3 I got a few passwords the one that worked was 66463. Watch the video closely and click on the same part of the door to get out.

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