Zibumi - The Final Spell

Zibumi - The Final Spell, Türk yapımı bir başka harika oda oyunu. Son derece kaliteli olan bu oyunda amaç yine aynı; kilitli kalınan odadan çıkabilmek. Aynı yapımcıların diğer oyunları: Late For Date ve Turkish New Year Escape.

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Adsız said...

there are certain actions that cant be done unless you have done something b4
click on lamp on door a few times(think if you dont do this then password doesnt work at end)
go right and click on wall
right again and read leaflet and book on desk... read all books on shelf(note last word in genie&me bookand the !)... get zibume pics from second book... get feather from behind snail
go back and go to bin ... read note.. take pencil... get card from behind bin... click on but ignore screwdriver
back out and on shelf again ... get card
back out ... get feather in inkwell and pencil by back leg of desk
open left drawer ... get eye
open right drawer ... get key and card
go right... get card from torch... get card from side of dog-bed thing
open cupboard under pot and get pencil... get feather from behind top right green jar
left twice and put cards on wall... open box with key and get orb
right twice ... place feathers, pencils and pics in pot and click on pot to get potion
go right and pour potion on lamp
input password (password is lower case and has to have the !)
you are out !!

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