Twelve Dragon's Room - Twelve Signs 3

Twelve Dragon's Room - Twelve Signs 3, serinin üçüncü oyunu. Point click tarzı bu yeni oda oyununda, diğer oda oyunlarında olduğu gibi gizli nesne ve ipuçlarını bulup kullanarak odadan çıkıyoruz. Serinin diğer oyunları: Twelve Dragon's Room - Twelve Signs Vol.1 , Twelve Dragon's Room - Twelve Signs 2

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Adsız said...

You need to find six yellow balls and two discs

Batteries - clock and lamp base

Red key scorpion
Green key when robot activated and lights off under sofa

Tail of scorpion
Row of yellow balls and a disc
Lamp shade
Side of box kneeling figure

With batteries in robot and lights off (card in water figure)

Bull's knee

Lights on.....use green key on box and get another disc and put them behind the star picture

Lights off

Final ball from lions leg and card from box (red key)

Last card from mirror

Place yellow balls on podiums with lights off and on to get all the figures and note letters/numbers

Thanks to Hananayan


hell -
earthly 0

i z heaven 1 = 1
ii o hell 22 = 2
iii d heaven 15 = s
iv i hell 24 = t
v a earthly 7 = a
vi c heaven 15 r

You can get the door and out...

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