Mild Escape The Room

Mild Escape The Room bir başka point click tarzı güzel oda oyunu.

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Adsız said...


Click right side of TV cabinet on the handle, get flashlight.
Highlight flashlight, click about item, turn flashlight on, go back.
Close cabinet door, open left side, click remote, click off button. Picture on TV is clue for the next channel you need, go back, close cabinet.
Go left, pick up soup and paper on table. Open hutch doors, bottom right will not open. Always click on handles to open. Take glass from top shelf, highlight glass, clickabout item, click green key, go back. Highlight lit flashlight,
click dark bottom spot in hutch, get box cutter, close hutch doors.
Go left, highlight flashlight, keep fridge closed, click right of fridge close to floor slightly up on the wall, get wood, go back.
Open fridge doors, highlight glass, click brown drink container, glass fills. Close doors, open top drawer, highlight glass, click ice cubes until they are in glass, click blue ice pop, close drawer. Click about item on glass, click 'I drink it', ta-da a number, remember the clue on TV.
Go back, go left, open cabinet under sink , get skillet, close door.
Click on red jar-second from left, go right. Open fridge doors, highlight skillet, click eggs until eggs are in pan, close doors.
Highlight soup, click about item, highlight red jar-pepper, click soup, go back.
Go left, highlight pan, click on right front burner only, click cabinet under stove, highlight flashlight, click inside on left area until you are inside, highlight green key, click on keyhole, turn to on, go back.
Close door, click stove knob-second from left, cook eggs. Highlight cooked eggs, click about item, a number for the TV clue!
Go back, click knob under sink to turn water on, highlight paper, click water, you have the last number for the TV channel!
Go back under stove and turn off, go back, close door.
Go left, click open left TV cabinet, click remote, click the numbers you found in the order the TV shows you, click OK. This is the code to open the bottom right door of the hutch. Go left, open the doors and drawers that are green on the TV, open right bottom door, get paper. This is the equation for the black box.
Close doors on hutch, go right, put remote back, close door.
Highlight wood, click about item, highlight boxcutter, click wood,get chopsticks, go back. Highlight soup, click about item, highlight chopsticks, click soup, see a number for the equation.
Go back, highlight blue ice pop, click about item, keep clicking ice pop until you eat it all and get a number for the equation.
Go back, highlight equation paper, click about item, see how the equation works.
Soup number x ice pop stick number, then plus 89.
Go back, go right twice, click black box, put in the numbers from your from your equation answer and click OK. Get key, go back. Right twice, turn off TV and close door.
Highlight key, click on door forever until you get out.


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