Classroom Escape

Classroom Escape, parallellove sakura yapımı bir diğer point click tarzı japon odadan kaçış oyunu. Bu defa kilitli kaldığımız yer bir sınıf.

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Adsız said...

1.Look through the desks, you'll get a hammer in one of the right desks if I remember right.
2.then you use the hammer on the window to break it. Touch the window again for a piece of glass.
3. look through the desks on the right, there will be a book on makind rope.
4. Miscellaneous things I can't make sense of: You can use the glass on the chalkboard. You can get a key from the desk on the left, if you use it on the door it says it's for a bike and the key is returned. You can use the chair in the middle to throw at the door which does nothing.
5.With the piece of glass being the last active item (can't have key in your inventory), touch the curtain and he'll make a rope to climb down.

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