Cemet'ry Gates Chapters 3-4

Cemet'ry Gates Chapters 3-4, point click tarzı korku oyunu Cemetry Gates'in devam oyunu. Shattered Games'in diğer oyunları: Dream Escape, Gallery Escape

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Tobby said...

Here is the walkthrough for first chapter
- Click on the big wheel. You will notice the color change - blue, red, yellow, green
- Change the colors on the kite from top left in this order.
- Number "5" will appear on the right door
- Take water from the well, water the tree and the flowers will bloom
- Number "8" appears on the left door
- Set he clock : Smaller hand to 8 (little before 8) and big hand to 5
- Done and enter the chapter 2

Tata said...

1. big one on wall
2. very very top of chandelier
3. middle of chandelier
4. side table lamp (pull chain cord on rt side)
5. drawer of side table
6. picure, on necklace
7. picture, rt side panel moves (THANK YOU VBRANAM1!!)
8. behind sliding panel to left of picture
9. hanging from spiderweb on far left
10. behind sliding panel on floor
11. under cushion of chair
12 & 13. there are 2 in the locked cabinet (key is under the side table with lamp)
14. brown box on the top of the locked cabinet
15. floor molding just to the right of the bottom shelf of the locked cabinet
16. plug in the weird machine and turn it on using the red button - one pops out on the right side of the machine and moves around on the wall
17. one is at the very bottom of the machine on the right, just peeking out
18. turn the handle that is just above the right spinning dial on the front of the machine and another one drops out
19. click the molding to the top and to the left of the picture and a big one drops down from the ceiling
20. last but not least is the little stinker that is hiding just to the right of the chair, between the chair and the side table with the lamp - I had to zoom in to see him. . .

Tata said...

WALKTHROUGH for chapter 3

Click on handle on well, bucket will go down.
Click again, bucket will come up.
Click girl, she gets bucket.
Click green grass, gilr walks to grass.
Click bucket, water pours out.
Click Tree, it blossoms.(#8 appears on door)
Set kite colors to BLUE RED
(#5 appears on door) ...(if you turn the wheel, the window changes colors, turns blue, then red, yellow then green...clockwise, from top left those should be the colors of the kite.)
Set hour hand of clock on 8.
Set minute hand on 5.

source: escapegames24.com

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