Yu's Room

Yu's Room, bir başka yeni japon oda oyunu. Etrafı araştırıp içinde hapis kaldığımız odadan kaçmanın yollarını arıyoruz.

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Adsız said...

1-Find five balls.
2-Get remote from TV and watch channels.
3-Take the paper from behind gold plate, stick from under bookshelf, red ball from panel below TV (left middle),green ball from plant, blue ball from window.
4-Use the stick to get green book and yellow ball from beside the sauna.
5-The code for the box above TV look at picture on its side and the grey areas.
6- To open panel below the TV, Click the slot and enter 824646 and get a pipe to fix the missing section by the window.
7-Go to sauna and enter code from green book (click bottom of last page).
8-Open the right window and the sliding door should open. Get pink ball.
9-Place balls in sauna. Crank temperature up to 60 (need to go up to 90 and back to 60)
10-Retrieve balls and place in the panel by the door. You get a Japanese abacus.

0-4 the top row of buttons are up and 5-9 the top row of buttons are down. To count move the bottom buttons up. So 0 top button up and leave bottom buttons down.
9 is the reverse top button down and all the bottoms ones up.
5 all buttons down
6 just raise one of the lower buttons
2 the top button up and raise two of the bottom buttons

11. Codes FOR TV E3C7

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