Dassyutu 10 - Yellow Room Escape

Dassyutu 10 - Yellow Room Escape, Dasyutu japon oda oyunları serisinin onuncu oyunu. Yine bir odaya hapsolmuşuz ve yine tek yapmamız gereken odadaki objeleri kullanıp dışarı çıkabilmek. Kaliteli oda oyunlarından.

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Adsız said...

This game seems to change the objects when playing, but the pattern seems the same. Get the stool from under the sink. Use it to get the hammer and click on the clock. Use the hammer on the right of the fireplace to get the lighter. Use the lighter on things until one of them burns in the fireplace. Then use the hammer on things until something breaks. Then read the numbers from the screens from left to right starting out facing the code box and going from screen to screen towards the right. That is the code for the box. Get the key and then unlock the door. Pretty easy.

I played twice. The first time, I hammered the tv and burnt the pillow. The second time, I hammered the trashcan and burnt the guitar. Don't worry if you don't see these objects when you play. It seems to place them at random, so you may have entirely different ones. Just find one to burn and one to break.

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