Coil, Komix-Games'den bir başka online free flash oyun.

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Adsız said...

1. wiggle your way (by moving your mouse side to side)to a big circle and get inside by wiggling harder, and touch the circle in te middle.
2. seperate the colours, take your time.
3. fall to the bottom, steer by rotating your mouse around yourself.
4. grab the little balls with your "string" and direct them toward yourself. eat them.
5. use the bottom screen to conrol your guy. you have to get the little balls to touch the strings and you will eat the little balls. to steer use the "smile" at the bottom to go forward, the thing on the far left and far right to rotate, and the bg thing in the middle to stop moving so you can eat. gather ten balls to move on.
6. shoot your "love arrows" at the other thing. eventually you move on.
7. this one's weird. force your guy to touch the water. rotate him to keep him there.

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