Chasse au Tresor

Chasse au Tresor Fransız yapımı eğlenceli bir macera oyunu. Point click tarzı bu oyunda amacımız gizlenmiş 7 nesneyi bularak hazineye ulaşabilmek.

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Adsız said...

Click straight, left, straight, right. Click yellow can, then RED GAS CAN.
Click left, straight, right, click blue can, take AIR NOZZLE.
Click left, left, up stairs, right, click blue tarp for OXYGEN TANK.
Click right, straight, right, right, (trust me), straight, left, click red boat.
(The orange square in the bottom right is your DINGY-don't touch it yet.)
Click again on the red boat. Click straight and pick up your FLIPPERS.
Click left, then on the house, click right, then click the ladder.
Click ladder again and pick up KEYS. (Boot was holding keys down)

Another guest was right about using the dingy to get the parachute before the GPS. Go back up those stairs and come back down. Click on the orange thing and get in. Get to that PARACHUTE - straight, left, straight x 4, click on right side. (Sorry, but click your own way back to the ramp and on shore.)

Click right until you see that blue can. Click straight x 3, click right, blue door, red box, GPS. Get back down to DINGY, follow GPS exactly. When the ship/OK appears, click on the right side. DA PLANE!!

From here, you're on your own. The treasure in INSIDE the plane, not the plane itself. But if you find yourself on the surface, you're actually back on the dock - with your gear. Don't forget to go up & down those stairs!!!!

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