Ben's Sister Room Escape

Ben's Sister Room Escape, güzel bir point click tarzı oda oyunu. Bu sefer de Ben'in kız kardeşinin odasında kilitli kalmışız ve dışarı çıkmaya çalışıyoruz.

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Adsız said...

"take matches from bottom right drawer
get blue key from under pillow
get stick from closet
get yellow key on the right side of the bed
get teddy bear from behind curtain
go right
open yellow drawer and get remote
open blue drawer and get hammer
plug the cord into outlet watch tv with remote
go right get feather behind the right pot
go down get scissors from behind magazines
get battery from top right corner of the rug
go right get the yellow thing under couch with stick
get mirror from chair
put the yellow thing and mirror on wall
tickle cat with feather
take the egg smash with hammer get other battery
observe the teddy bear cut neck with scissors
get silver key and use it on drawer to get screw driver
click on the bear so it will turn around
unscrew the back and put batteries in it and put it back
observe matches click left corner of box click the white part
take needle and sew the bear up
set bear on chair
go right
push red buttonm unlock door and your out"

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