80 Shumiration-Murine Escaping Game

80 Shumiration-Murine Escaping Game, yeni bir oda oyunu. Kaliteli bu japon kaçış oyununda, etrafı araştırıp, saklı nesnleri ve ipuçlarını bulup kullanarak kilitli kaldığımız bu güzel odadan çıkıyoruz.

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Adsız said...

"To start this game, click the mouse,in the box that comes up hit the last chinese word on the right..Then there will be more writing, hit the first link. Then skip.

1. Pick up white ball or crumpled paper, not sure what it is.

2.Zoom in on plant and take scizzors.

3.Zoom in on carpet and get letter Bottom left corner.

4.UP above the door is a list of inventory you have to get.

5.Go left and get paper 15 out of bears pocket.

6.Go left and get corn out of purse.

7.Open Fridge and freezer and get a beer out of each.

8.Take box out of bottom cupboard and get item out of bag on counter.

9. Change clock in the kitchen to red

10. Go left and key out of red box.

11. Zoom in on shelf and get gloves..

12. Go to green door and open it now. turn on light and grab guitar and click piano and grab paper..click right on piano and grab red key.
Also click cup and grab blue key in cup.

Use blue key in room with piano and see mouse dancing around..

13 Use red key on the safe box on the floor and get Umbrella and yellow key..??..move papers first.

14.Use yellow key on guitar case and get gift

Now you should have all items in inventory ..go to where it is and yo should see a clock now..

Enter 15;27 its military
then 0015

then type in what type of keyboard it is..LK80.."

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