400 Years of Quebec Adventures

400 Years of Quebec Adventures, harika bir flash point click tarzı macera oyunu. Kahramanımız Oriel'e engellere takılmadan karşıa geçebilmesi için yardımcı oluyoruz. Oyunda dikkat edilmesi gereken unsur; doğru zamanda doğru yerlere tıklamak.

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Adsız said...

level 1
click and drag fish in stream, over to sleeping bear on left
click on beaver (right of the stream) you'll walkover stream
click and drag tepee in the middle of the screen over to the left, where Indian is dancing/singing
Click on Indian at base of hill just as you reach there edge, you will walk over smoke
pick up skunk and place by big chief indian at the top rite of your screen, and click on tree by Skunk (where the big chief was)
Click and drag boat over to wooden bridge/path and you'll get into boat!

Level 2

Click on white whale bottom left of screen, which will push away iceberg
Click and drag box on your ship over to the shore by what looks like a drawing pin!
Click on anchor, this will tie it up!
Click on vicar, snow fill fall
Click on brown door to the rite of 3 girls playing, they will go in!
Click on meat symbol on stall, it will close!
Click and drag ladder on roof near to church steel
Click on wooden plack at the top centre of screen!

Level 3

Click on window below door you come thru, birds will fly to it
click on umbrella on street by singing/shouting man at botton centre of screen, it will fly up!
Click on umbrella on top rite of screen
Click on singing/shouting man, he will drop a paper!
Click and drag paper to wrestling type man! He will read it!
Click above door to the rite of wresting type man!
Click on bin near woman with dog!
You will get on the bus!

Level 4

Click on little tree by 3 people, they will go off in car!
Click on drip above electric ball, this will let you pass!
Click on umbrella as you reach the edge, you will walk over electric current thing!
Click on yellow spongy thing, this will bounce you up a floor!
(This is the tricky part, it's all bout timing)
Click the grabber on this level, just as you reach the 3rd window (far left window) this should grab you and pace you near flying cars
Click on plug on the top left edge! the car will fly you to the top!
Click and drag the ball with spokes at very top left of your screen and put in the hole of the vacuum!

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