D's Room Escape 2

D's Room Escape2 - Christmas Version, D's Room Escape oyununun ikinci versiyonu. Point click tarzı bu oda oyununda, etrafı araştırıp odadan çıkmaya çalışıyoruz.

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Serenity said...

Complete Walkthrough
1)Click the red hat and get the star piece
2)Go right and click on the fireplace where the socks are, then get the cat paw.
3)Quit the scene where you got the cat paw by clicking the bottom of the game screen. Then click the bunch of flowers closest to the window. You should get another star piece.
4)Go right and click the right side of the carpet. Get the newspaper.
5)Then click the safebox thingy next to tree. Type in "santa", collect the pen.
6)Escape the scene and click on the top part of star on x' mas tree to get another star piece.
7)Go right 2 times.
8)Click on the star piece in between the legs of teddy bear on chair.
9)Click on middle candle.
10)Click on safe that lil' santa is sitting on. The pass is 4782.Click on white knob.
11)Get star piece. You don't need scissors.
12)Escape the scene and go right.
13)Select cat paw and click around the area on easel under the arrow.
14)While still selecting cat paw, click "about item".
15)In close-up of cat paw, click on the cat paw a few times. This will reveal that cat paw is a bottle opener.
16)Exit the scene and while selecting cat paw, click under the arrow again. Get the card.
17)Select the card and click "about item". In close-up of card, click the bottom of card, this should open the card.
18)While still in close-up of card, select pen and click on card.
19) Exit scene and go right.
20)Select newspaper and click on fireplace. Then select candle and click on newspaper in fireplace.
21)Go right two times. Select star then click on star-shaped hole on door. A doorknob will appear.
22)Select card and click on doorknob on door.
23)You're out!!!

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