Christmas Escape

Christmas Escape bir diğer yılbaşı temalı odadan kaçış oyunu. Kilitli kaldığımızı son derece renkli bu odadan kaçmaya çalışıyoruz.

Oynamak için tıklayın..

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seda said...


1 take paper near door hang to tree
2 at tree screen bottom there a circle table ,under it take the nails and hang to paper on tree
3 take the books and put to tree
4 take screwdriver under cicle table and open the kitchen door enter
5 take stinky sock from washesmachine and hang it too to the tree
6 again kitchen now go upstairs and take toilet paper and again hang it to the tree
7 kitchen.take green leek from the refrigerator and go upstairs and hit to baloon creature it pieced to many parts,take them hang to tree as u know
8 go tv and take taht thing from back of it and hang on tree.leek too hanged.
9 go to upstairs where we hit the baloon yo see at the bottom there a arrow for our going back .not to click it now at the up place of the arrow right place u will get an other toy maybe to hang to tree
10 now click eveything on tree

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