3Wish No.5 Part 2

3Wish No.5 Part 2 kısa bir kaçış oyunu. Bu defa kaçmamız gereken yer bir alien laboratuvarı. Bir çok bölümü olan bu macera serisinde küçük kahramanımıza uzaylıların elinden kurtulabilmesi için yardımcı oluyoruz.

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Adsız said...


1. Get the control panel with two buttons lying by the fish tank.
2. Plug it into the square hole to the left of the round platform you are standing on.
3. Get the red creature from the open pod.
4. Put the red creature in the freezer (to the right of the open pod). The creature will freeze in mid-scream and reveal a battery in its mouth.
5. Open the freezer and take the battery.
6. Plug the battery into the control panel - Now you can click on creatures to zap yourself into their form.
7. Click on the lizard-like creature (second pod from left) to turn yourself into a reptile.
8. Click on the loose cable above the computer to your right. You will climb up and reconnect the computer. The antenna at the bottom of the screen will be raised slightly.
9. Click on yourself to turn back.
10. Click on the blob (third pod from left) to become a bloboid.
11. Click on the antenna. Your tongue will snap out and 'fix' the antenna.
12. Click on yourself to turn back.
13. Click on the spider (leftmost pod) to turn int an arachnid.
14. Click on the antenna to turn it into a fishing net.
15. Click on yourself to turn back.
16. Get the net and catch the fish in the tank (you will deposit it in the empty pod).
17. Click on the fish to turn into a big bass.
18. Click on the cartridge with the arrow in the tank. You will dive in, get it and turn yourself automatically back.
19. Insert the cartridge into the computer. A trapdoor/elevator will open and you will get on.
20. Click on yourself to exit.

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