Rabbit Room Escape

Rabbit Room Escape, parallel love sakura'dan bir başka point click tarzı kilitli odadan kaçış oyunu.

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Adsız said...



-click on back of brown cabinet get blue paint
-turn left
-click on brown cabinet note 1 bunny
-click behind bed near boom box get screwdriver
-click on pillows on bed note 1 bunny get paint brush from right pillow
-turn left twice
-click on chair
-click behind red sofa get yellow paint
-click under sofa get pallette and coin
-turn right
-click on chair place in front of fridge
-click on top of fridge get paper with holes
-click next to fridge get iron
-click on brown cabinets above stovetop and enter code 230..2 from lamps around room, 3 form bunnys, 0 from no bottles click on dot it will change to red
-turn left
-click on clock place paper using black dot as middle of clock get code 853
-enter 853 dot will go red
-turn left
-click on white cabinet use screwdriver
- click on pallette click on yellow paint click on blue paint you will get green paint on pallette
-click pallette then click on the number 8 then click on the iron it will change number8 to 3
-enter code 354
-3 from the middle number of bunny code
-5 from the middle number of clock code
- 4 was a guess
-click on door out with a game clear and perfect end

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