Magneto Syndrome 2

Magneto Syndrome 2 sadece yetişkinlere yönelik bir oyun. Serinin ikinci bölümünde yine gerçekten korkutucu sahneler bulunuyor.

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Adsız said...

1st - load the fricking game (good luck with that)
2nd - click the pipe right at the top left (start at the left of the pipe and click furiously slowing moving the mouse to the right.
3rd - were the pipe fall click there ( this is the pipe which has its end conected to the wall)
4th - click on the stair pipes on the left and you should get one and click it to the man.
5th - then climb the stairs and slide onto the bottom pipe the has fallen then you will be on the other side.
6th the password is applepy - not applepie.

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