Green Trapped

Green Trapped klasik bir escape oyunu. Kilitli kaldığımız odadan çıkabilmek için odanın içini dikkatlice araştırıyoruz.

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Adsız said...

Another walkthrough

Pick up the first key in fron of the door and use it to open the cupboard.

Pick up the chainsaw (wtf a chainsaw is doing inside a cupboard of such a small room I don't know) and use it on the stalk/trunk of the plant. It should break in two.

Pick up the magnet inside the plant (another oddity) and use it on the top hinge of the door, you should get what looks like a pin.

Use the pin on the right hand wall, there is a small hole. This should open the safe.

The code for the safe is pq!s, it is in braille, (I had to ask my blind friend to work it out for me LOL!), pick up the key that is inside.

Under the potted plant, on the right, is a screw. This has to be put into the bottom hinge of the door and then the pin has to go back into the top hinge where you got it from. Then and only then can you use they key to open the door.

You have escaped, well done!

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