Escape the OMG Scary Room

Escape the OMG Scary Room Shawn Tanner tarafından hazırlanan point click tarzı bir kaçış oyunu. Oda oyunlarının genelinde olduğu gibi bir sabah bilmediğiniz bir yerde uyanıyoruz ve etrafı araştırıp dışarı çıkmamızı sağlayacak nesne ve ipuçlarını buluyoruz.

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Adsız said...

here the walkthrough that was on the website so i hope i dont get in trouble for posting it here

Afro Ninja Escape Series #2.5: OMG SCARY ROOM :O

FAQ by Shawn Tanner

Game by Joe and Shawn

-From the start, turn right twice and click on the poster of goku
-Click on goku's groin to tear the poster, revealing the 'dragonballs.' Click and add them to your inventory
-Return to the main room view, and turn right again
-Take the banana hanging in front of you
-Click on the robot for a close-up
-'DEEF EM' is written on the robot's chest, which is 'FEED ME' backwards
-Use the banana on the small hole in the robot's chest
-Take the duct tape that appears when his chest opens
-Return to the main room view, and turn right twice again
-Click on the bookcase
-Open the bottom left door, and take the launcher
-Click on the books area to zoom in again
-Every book on this shelf must be opened
-The password to the book entitled 'Michael's Bonus' is 'OMFG69'
-When you open that book, make sure to take 'Michael's Bonus' on the left page
-After reading all the books, a band will appear in the middle. Take it
-Return to the main room view, and turn right twice
-Go to the safe, and enter 'OMFG69' as the password
-Inside the safe are a series of boxes, some of which must be opened with the code 'OMFG69'
-After six boxes, you will find a phallic object. Add it to your inventory
-Now you have all the items you need. Click on the launcher in your inventory to examine it
-Use your items on it in this order: Duct Tape, Industrial strength band, phallic object, dragonballs, michael's bonus
-Return to the room and face the target. Use the launcher on the target


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