Virgin Gate

Virgin Gate, bir başka point click tarzı odadan kaçış oyunu.


Adsız said...

There is an airplane in the drawers and a stick in the bed. The drawers under the bed have string and torch.
Key by bookshelf, but stick wont reach.
Use torch on top shelf for a CD (cant take it).
Thing by desk is a chair and place under desk.
You can now reach the light in the ceiling. Attach string and airplane.
Get broken stick from carpet and place on clock.
Get screwdriver from floor and use on basketball and get hook to get key from beside bookshelf.
Open box and get cookie thing and place on CD
Go round to door and look at is the chest of drawers.
Get swipe card and use on exit panel.

Adsız said...

For level 25 there is a glich. If you hit one of the balls it will start to pop the corn, then go down and hit restart level, and the ball should still be popping the corn. If you time it right, the ball that is popping the corn will hit the next ball which will pop more, and then hit the next ball and so on and so forth. Once all the corn is popped hit start and the level is done.

37 Leaky roof - pick up ice ball go RIGHT and inside to the end of the maze when hot leave maze popping corn. Pick up ice ball and quickly go LEFT and down to the red ball (cut the corner to get to the red ball) and hit the red ball...speed is essential

41 overtake - tricky - the moment you hit the fuel bombs go far right, straight down (if you fizz you may need to pause a bit), hopefully you will see the hot ball as you hit the bottom and whiz left about a centimetre up and to the ice ball FAST.

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