Crazy Keys

Crazy Keys, DOODOO.RU'dan güzel grafiklere sahip, bir başka zor oda oyunu.

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complete walktrough

Take the weight, the pen, the flyswatter.
Turn left. Take the fan. Notice the colours on the picture. Put weight on the bed.
Turn left. Take medicine from the box on the wall. Take key from the cat. Rub the pen over the cat until it starts to glitter.
Turn right. Open the door under the cage with the key. Take the explosive.
Turn right. Stick the explosive to the safe. Stick the pen into the explosive. Pour medicine on the pen. See what happens.
Click on keys. As they stick to the safe door, count them. A question will appear, click the third answer (yes, it’s a bug). Then another question appears, indicate the number of keys you have so far. Then you will see the cat turn on the radio and the keys dance. Stop them by the flyswatter. Don’t take any more keys from the safe yet. Take only one key from the door at a time and then, after trying them, put them back.
Now, remember the picture on the wall? The colours match the colours of the keys, that should be used on the doors of the chest of drawers. Use keys on the chest of drawers and find a screw, a rope, scissors and a lock.
Use a green key on the lower right drawer, turn it once, then put the rope on the coat rack. See what happens.
Now you can take all the keys from the safe. But count how many BIG keys you get - you’ll have to answer another question. Use new keys on the chest of drawers to get a spoon and a dish. Also get a web in the left locker of the desk.
Pour medicine on the spoon, the lock, the scissors and the screw. Give all of them to the cat.
Put the dish under the desk. Pour medicine into it. See what happens.
Now you can take all the keys at a time. Insert them in the drawers and turn each one once (horizontally). Take the knife.
Put the fan on the floor in front of the door. It is a little tricky, but you shoud try several times. Click the handle of the fan repeatedly, it will start turning by itself and the chest of drawers will float to the left.
Return to the desk, use knife on the wire.
Go to the fornt door. Insert keys in the holes at the door. I don’t remember the sequence, but it has nothing to do with the shapes, colours or animals there.
Click on the right of each key to turn it horizontally (-).
Put the web on the front door. When the fly flies over the door, use flyswatter on it. Then use knife on it.

You’re out!

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