Cave Escaper

Cave Escaper, Lets Make a Game'den 50 bölümden oluşan zevkli bir macera oyunu. Commodore 64 oyunlarından Boulder Dash'a benzeyen bu oyunda, önümüze çıkan engelleri ve kayaları aşarak bir sonraki level'a geçiliyor.

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Yesim said...

cave escaper oyunu çözümü

push stones, get up ladder, and put bomb ( push DOWN and SPACEBAR) and run away. Than you can get up.

For level 2, try to reach the left wall with the rope, go up and push te TWO stones down, go right and then up.

I think you have to get up on the stones without destroing them, once on the right side, use a bomb on the right place.
Problem is I'am not fast enough in getting up.

you have to swing across the lava, then go to the upper level, blow up these two rocks first, then go right and blow up the other one on the upper level. then push the rock on these two. then you can stand on them and jump to the ladder, be careful not to fall into the lava.

go up and move the the right. just jump over the lava.
go upp the ladder. just puch down the 2 stones.
go left and puch down the 3 stones.
go left and puch down as many stones you can. when you cant push no more. place bomb were you stand.
jump on the stones and stand on the stone to the left. it shoud be 3 stones that you stand on.
swing over to the ladder.

push the rock on the left, then go left and push one rock from the column on your way. jump above two rocks on your way, then go up the ladder and jump on the upper level on your right. place the bomb, wait till it blows, then place the bomb again while standing on the middle rock. push the first rock on the left down. go back to the lower ground push the rock so you can climb on the ladder.

jumpfrom stairs on block to the right.
Go right once. Place dynamite go right. Jump on the right time, just before dynamyte explodes, you don't get killed.

Jump on block that fell down. Jump on blocks to the right.
Start on top of most right block.
Place dynamyte.
Same for bottom block on far right
than top block of what was middle block. Than bottom block of whatwas the middle block.
then push top block of left blocks to the left. It falls between the block that fell down in beginning and the one is was standing on.

go to left block of the 3 and place dynamyte. Than place dynamyte on the right block.

Now if you pusch the what was middle block to the left twice. you can stand on top of it to the most far left and than jump to stairs.

three bombs in succession to the left of the ladder. Thenup on the rock and place one more bomb. Now the tricky part. Go up in between the cracked rocks, place a bomb and then jump up to the right onto the lone cracked rock. It takes some timing. Then jump up to the left, up to the right and swing over the lava. When you place the last bomb between the cracked rocks, don't wait for it to explode but jump to the rock on the right (it may stall a bit if you jump as it explodes but don't worry keep going and you land safely). Hope this helps - if not, let me know where you keep getting smushed!

1. move left and drop 3 bombs
2. jump up on the stone and drop 1 bomb
3. Timing is evrything here...
jump into the space that was left (should be a crack block above and below)..drop a bomb and then jump up and left.

jump on gray block to left
jump across to block on left
push gray block right two spaces
go back to bottom
bomb floor beneath first overhanging block
bomb floor beneath gray block (block will fall)
jump on gray block and place bomb
jump on next gray block and push the bottom of two stacked gray blocks once space to the right
go up ladder
go all the way left and place bomb
push gray block 1 space to the left
bomb gray block on the right
push last gray block 1 space left
jump on gray blocks and climb out.

go up and puch the 3:rd stone left.
place a bomb just were the stone stod that ju just puched.
go down where ju placed the bomb and move stone all the way to the right.
go and bomb down the middle stone, move right. Go up on the middle path.
jump right and place a bomb.
jump right again and place bomb.
now its the tricky part.
place a bomb as to the right that you can.
jump on the left stone, just before the bomb go off. jump on to the 3 stones to the right.
jump left and go left. puch down the stone and jump to the ladder.

go right and bomb underneath where there are no gray rocks
go all the way right and bomb 1st row
then bomb 2nd row
you should be standing underneath with 4 gray rocks above you
set bomb, jump to top of four gray rocks to the right
bomb the top left gray block of the 4 you are standing on to create a step.
go to the left and bomb the bottom of the four stacked gray stones, run all the way to the right before it goes off
jump over to the right (dont miss!) and hop up to the ladder.

Up the ladder
Stand on the block to the right
You can swing across to the ledge
Push the top rock over 1 left and bomb it
Blow up the ledge that you jumped onto
push the first rock over the edge
Go to the last left rock and bomb (this leaves 1 rock)
push it over the edge
fall onto the rocks and use the rope swing to get can't jump across

- Move to the left most edge of the block you land on.
- fire your rope over the center block...this should end you up on the far left ladder.
- up the middle ladder
-jump to the right ladder.

go up the two ladders
move right and fall down between the stone and the cracked wall.
place bomb and before it blats, move stone to left. Move stone so it drops down.
Go up to the left and move stone so it drops down the ladder.
Go back up and blow were the ground is cracked.
go down where you just placed the bomb. move stone to the righ. move just to the lava.
Go back and up the ladder. Move right and stand on the stone. Swing over the the right ladder.
go upp and puch down the topp stone.
stand on the left stone and swing over to the left.

you have to drop to the short ladder second one from the right, then drop to the bottom ladder, then up to the third ladder from right, then up to the next ladder, up and over the block. Push both rocks down and jump on to them. Now it gets tricky. Place a bomb and jump up and out of the way. Go back and place another bomb and jump back up to the ladder. Then I believe you have to place one more bomb and be able to jump back up to the ladder out of harms way, before you can jump back over to where the exit is.

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